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حكم بسجن لوكاس هيرنانديز مدافع منتخب فرنسا وبايرن ميونيخ ستة أشهر

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Hernandez will appear in court on Tuesday after upholding his prison sentence for assaulting his wife before marriage

A Spanish court sentenced Bayern Munich and France defender Lucas Hernandez to six months in prison for violating a restraining order in 2017, on Wednesday.

Hernandez, 25, will appear in court in Madrid on Tuesday. He filed an appeal against this ruling.

A Spanish court had issued restraining orders against Hernandez and his girlfriend at the time, Amelia Osa Llorente, after a violent argument between them.

Hernandez was subsequently given a six-month suspended prison sentence in 2019 for violating the restraining order. The court rejected an appeal against the ruling at the time.

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