ميليشيات الحشد تصعد بعد خسارتها الانتخابات والصدر يحذر من عواقب وخيمة

The leader of the Sadrist movement in Iraq, Muqtada al-Sadr, warned, on Tuesday, that political disagreements over the ballot boxes and the delay in announcing the results would harm the people, not the political blocs, calling on everyone to exercise restraint and not to resort to “unbearable consequences,” while the crowd militia called on its affiliates in Iraq to join. Immediately their camps and threatened the retarded with dismissal.

Al-Sadr said through his official account on Twitter, “Political disagreements over the ballot boxes, delaying the announcement of results, and pressure on the Electoral Commission will have the first negative results, which will harm the people, not the political blocs, in terms of services and the exacerbation of terrorism and others.”

“We call on everyone to exercise restraint, to show patriotism for the sake of the country, to abide by the legal methods regarding electoral objections, and not to resort to unimaginable consequences,” he added.

Warnings have been raised in Iraq against the call for violence in the wake of the results of the parliamentary elections.

The latest developments are the militias in the crowd called for their members to join their camps and cancel their vacations, and threatened to punish anyone who was absent with immediate dismissal.

Before that, the “Al-Fatah” coalition, the political wing of the armed factions, announced its rejection of the results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections.

Al-Nujaba TV quoted Ahmed Al-Asadi, a spokesman for the Al-Fateh Alliance, as saying that the coalition’s rejection of the election results was not directed at any political bloc or party.

The Al-Fateh Alliance spokesman also considered that there was confusion in the announcement of the election results by the commission.

Al-Asadi stressed that the coalition will not waste the votes of its masses.

On the other hand, the White House congratulated the Iraqi government on Tuesday for holding the elections, which it said were conducted in a largely peaceful atmosphere, and indicated that it is awaiting approval of the results.

“We congratulate the Iraqi government on fulfilling its promise to hold early elections. Once the final results are approved, we hope that members of the new House of Representatives will form a government that embodies the will of the Iraqi people,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters.

In turn, the head of the European Observer Mission said that “the Iraqi elections were well managed.” “Freedom of expression was respected during the Iraqi elections,” she added.

On Tuesday, the Iraqi News Agency quoted Viola von Kramon as saying that the Iraqi elections were well managed and that the polling day was “quiet and peaceful.”

She stressed that the voters cast their votes easily, noting that the mission monitored “the dispatch of more than 100 observers, in addition to 59 diplomats from the European Union.”

“Freedom of expression was respected during the elections,” she added. She said that the report on the evaluation of the electoral process will be submitted to the new House of Representatives.

In turn, the Electoral Commission in Iraq announced, on Tuesday, the opening of the door for submitting appeals on the results of the poll, which took place on Sunday, according to the Iraqi News Agency.

On Tuesday, the Iraqi News Agency quoted the Cabinet Secretariat as announcing the victory of 97 women in the legislative elections. The Sadrist bloc won the highest number of seats in Parliament, according to the preliminary results announced yesterday by the Electoral Commission during the private and public votes by 73 seats.

The preliminary results also showed that the Taqaddom bloc came in second place with 38 seats, while the State of Law bloc came in third place with 37 seats in Parliament.

The Sadrist bloc topped the results, and the “Taddam” bloc came second, and the “State of Law” bloc ranked third


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