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Blizzard reveals Overwatch 2’s new support hero, Kiriko

Overwatch 2‘s new hero — the primary of three new characters that will probably be accessible when Blizzard’s sequel launches in October — is Kiriko, a support-type who blurs the road between injury supplier and healer. Kiriko would be the first character who could be earned by means of the free-to-play recreation’s battle move.

Kiriko was developed with Overwatch 2‘s new 5v5 group compositions in thoughts, affiliate narrative designer Kyungseo Min mentioned in a developer replace video revealing the brand new ninja’s talents. Kiriko is described as a high-mobility, single-target hybrid healer. “She is quick,” Min defined, “and she will get to your little skirmishes, which occurs much more usually in 5v5 now, so she’s tremendous efficient.”

Qiu Fang, lead idea artist on Overwatch 2, referred to as Kiriko “a battle healer” who will get into the thick of motion, leaping out and in of fight. She’s “not a sit-back-and-heal kind of hero,” Fang mentioned.

“Lots of DPS gamers will love her,” Min mentioned. In a separate roundtable interview, Min famous that Kiriko’s design was closely impressed by a well-liked Overwatch hero: Genji. “The truth is,” Min mentioned, “one of many beginning factors of this character was [asking], How can we create a assist hero that DPS gamers [who] like Genji would take pleasure in enjoying?

Kiriko throws Healing Ofuda at Genji in Overwatch 2

Picture: Blizzard Leisure

However Kiriko’s primary position and performance in an Overwatch 2 group is to each heal and shield her allies. Her main skill is the Therapeutic Ofuda, which lets her throw paper talismans imbued with therapeutic energy that residence in on allies. That ought to make it straightforward to assist fast-moving heroes like Genji, or flying teammates like Pharah and Mercy. Supporting that’s one other skill referred to as Swift Step, which lets Kiriko teleport rapidly — and thru a number of partitions — to shut the gap to allies who require therapeutic.

“She performs very well with flanking characters, and cell characters normally, similar to Tracer [or] Genji,” mentioned Piero Herrera, senior hero designer on Overwatch 2. “She’s simply going to have the ability to leap in there and assist them out with a cleanse or the invulnerability frames. You may think about loopy combos to return up due to that interplay.”

Giving her extra mobility is the flexibility to scale partitions, identical to Genji and Hanzo.

Kiriko’s secondary skill is her kunai, a blade projectile that she will in a short time throw at enemies. Her kunai are quick, however do low general injury. Nonetheless, vital hits with the kunai deal “a ton of injury,” Fang says. “It’s totally highly effective within the arms of an correct participant.”

Kiriko, on the Kanezaka map, throws a kunai towards the camera in a screenshot from Overwatch 2

Picture: Blizzard Leisure

Kiriko can even grant herself and her allies momentary invulnerability — not not like fellow assist character Baptiste — by throwing her Safety Suzu, a small bell, at them or on the bottom. Safety Suzu can save allies from ults like Junkrat’s RIP-Tire or injury from a Bastion blasting in turret mode. The bell will even cleanse allies of debuffs like Ana’s Biotic Grenade or Junker Queen’s Rampage.

However Safety Suzu comes with an extended cooldown — presently 14 seconds — so gamers must use it correctly.

Kiriko’s final skill, Kitsune Rush, summons the spirit fox and ghostly torii gates that Blizzard has been teasing for greater than a month now. Kitsune Rush is a “big buff” that provides Kiriko and allies “a ton of motion pace, assault pace, reload pace, and cooldown discount.” It’s totally, very highly effective, Fang mentioned, and nice for initiating an assault on an goal.

Kiriko sends out her spirit fox as part of her Kitsune Rush ability in Overwatch 2

Picture: Blizzard Leisure

Kiriko’s design derives from a personality that Blizzard initially created for Overwatch 2‘s PvE element. She was initially armed with an enormous, fidget spinner-inspired throwing star, and had a considerably extra conventional ninjalike look. Blizzard ultimately merged that with the standard gown of a miko, a Shinto shrine maiden, and fashionable streetwear aesthetics.

Narratively, Kiriko is a younger girl who hails from Kanezaka — considered one of Overwatch‘s present maps — and was raised by a “fierce ninja” of a mom, who additionally skilled Genji and Hanzo. So Kiriko has a historical past with the Shimada clan, and acquired into hassle with younger Genji on the Hanamura arcades. Min described Kiriko as “an in depth household good friend” of the Shimada brothers, however mentioned that in addition they consider her “as a cute little niece.” However she’ll apparently redirect any disrespect or sass despatched her manner, and never simply from the Shimada brothers.

“She has this kind of drive-by humor that she does for everybody,” Min mentioned. “I am actually excited for everybody to see kind of, like, how she interacts conversationally with [other heroes]. And relating to her talents, there is a ton of reactivity so far as, if she heals the Shimada brothers, she’ll positively take a dig, as a result of, you recognize, she expects higher [of them]. She’s tremendous humorous in a really tongue-in-cheek manner.”

Gamers will get to see Kiriko in motion when Overwatch 2 launches Oct. 4 on Nintendo Swap, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Home windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Collection X.

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