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Brittany & Alyssa Try To Flip The Vote – Big Brother Network

Brittany and Alyssa on Big Brother 24

I will begin this dialogue off by saying I do not assume this plan goes to work and will not get two toes off the bottom, however nothing like a messy flop of a flip try and preserve us entertained within the waning weeks of Massive Brother 24, so right here we go.

Tuesday on the Reside Feeds, Alyssa and Brittany put their strategic minds collectively and began reviewing the panorama forward for the ultimate Houseguests. Flashback to three:15 PM BBT 9/13 as Alyssa is making her pitch to Brittany that every one roads result in Brittany’s eviction. She’s declaring Turner will defend Monte and Monte will defend Taylor forcing Brittany to win out to finale night time.

Quickly Brittany begins to spin this over in her head and shares with Alyssa that she shaped a F3 with Monte and Taylor, however now she’s questioning if that might be trusted. Brittany additionally lets Alyssa know Turner is planning to vote her (A) out and goes to let her know the night time earlier than eviction. Alyssa’s technique is to threaten Turner that if he votes her out then they cannot be associates outdoors the home…

Soar forward a couple of hours to six:10 PM BBT and you have got Brittany camtalking. She’s very annoyed to be excluded from the late-night festivities and thinks Monte, Taylor, and Turner have been celebrating their F3 alliance whereas she’s sleeping. Brittany is getting upset and questions if Taylor would actually be watching out for her in these final rounds.

Alyssa goes to speak with Turner at 6:35 PM BBT and hatches her plan to safe Turner’s vote. It is poorly executed. Alyssa is asking for reassurance that he’ll preserve her and says if anybody betrays her they cannot be associates. Turner quickly goes to speak with Monte and provides him a heads up that Alyssa is making him really feel unhealthy about that vote. Turner asks Monte if he has an F2 with Taylor however Monte assures him they haven’t made any such plans and Turner says he believes him. Turner shares that Alyssa additionally mentioned he’d lose her Jury vote if she votes him out.

Brittany and Alyssa meet again up and Alyssa shares that Turner promised to vote to maintain her. Brittany decides she may also vote to maintain Alyssa however Alyssa cannot inform anybody or it will spoil the plan. So right here Brittany is hoping to bypass the tiebreaker scenario and piggyback on a doable pity vote from Turner to flip the vote and preserve Alyssa over Taylor, 2-0. It is simply not going to occur.

Even this morning, a little bit after 6AM BBT, Turner was telling Monte and Taylor that it made him mad to be threatened by Alyssa for his vote. He is digging himself deep on this place. Even when he was fishing for them to go “ohh, it is okay to present her a sympathy vote” I do not assume he may cleanly pivot. And actually I do not assume he desires to both at this level.

General the thought is not unhealthy by itself, however Alyssa went all in on the aggressive route with Turner as a substitute of continuous her smooth sport which is healthier suited to her. To threaten Turner at this level made him flip and run within the different route. Alyssa may have gone with a optimistic reinforcement, “toss me a vote and you may safe my Jury vote,” then had Brittany play it up onerous that she was voting out Alyssa to make Turner assume it was secure to throw a pity vote. Now that Turner has run this again to Monte and Taylor although, I do not see him having a solution to cleanly do that even when he wished.

That is simply messy for Brittany as effectively. She must be absolutely satisfied that Taylor had shut her out of future plans. In principle, Brittany may vote to maintain Alyssa, Turner votes out Alyssa, after which Brittany acts all aghast that Turner would vote towards Taylor… However Brittany is not that good of an actor and the opposite HGs will not consider her. She’ll lose Taylor’s belief and that’ll be that.

The entire thing is poorly executed and that appears to be becoming for the sport play we have seen from each Brittany and Alyssa thus far this season. Ah effectively. I do not wish to see Alyssa keep over Taylor, however I do welcome chaos within the sport and this is able to have accomplished it. It ain’t gonna occur although!

Facet notes: Taylor is taking part in a harmful sport proper now along with her final two nights of hooking up with Monte within the HOH room. She’s on the Block. If Turner finds out how escalated issues have grow to be for Monte + Taylor he could rethink the choices and will wish to vote out Taylor. If he eliminates Taylor then he is received Monte wanting to maintain him versus having to play second fiddle to Taylor for Monte. Unsure why Taylor could not maintain off on the scenario till she’s not in speedy hazard, however that is her name.

Then as for Brittany, somebody advised Brittany has nothing to lose however I disagree. She has Taylor to lose. Positive, as famous above Taylor may shift her priorities, however as quickly as Taylor finds out Brittany tried to evict her then she’s positively misplaced Taylor. Keep in mind how petty Taylor wished to be to Alyssa over the London journey? Taylor likes to make splashy strikes for “good TV” and I feel she’d do it right here once more. Dangerous transfer, Brittany.

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