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Canadian woman was asleep in bed when a meteorite crash landed right next to her head

When you want to have a rising star, be sure to include the phrase “Don’t bump into my house” in fine print.

A woman in Canada was sleeping peacefully when a meteor hit her roof and landed on her pillow.

Victoria News reported how Ruth Hamilton – who lives in a town called Golden in British Columbia – was hunting some Zs while others in the area were captured by meteors streaming into the night sky.

Soon, her attention was drawn to the meteor as well, as she suddenly felt a handful of debris on her face causing her to wake up, terrified, to find a big hole in her roof and a space rock on her pillow.

NDTV continues to report how Hamilton called 911, who responded to the scene and checked whether the rocks had come from some nearby buildings. They confirmed that wasn’t the case, thus deducing that the meteor had given the rest of the golden residents such an offer earlier.

“I was shivering and scared when it happened, I thought someone had jumped inside or it was a gun or something,” Hamilton said of the accident afterwards. “It was almost a relief when we realized it could have fallen from the sky.”

And it came as a relief, as CBC noted how the meteor just missed Hamilton’s head by a few inches.

Experts at Western University in London, Ontario later confirmed that the rocks definitely came from space.

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