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Employees Can “Disagree Openly,” Company Says – The Hollywood Reporter

Netflix stands by its decision to maintain Dave Chappelle’s distinction, the closest, on its platform even as a number of employees are planning a strike in protest of Ted Sarandos’ recent comments in support of the special.

In a statement sent to The Hollywood Reporter A Netflix spokesperson said the company supports the “artistic expression” of creators while encouraging “employees to disagree publicly”.

Dave Chappelle’s comedy specials are consistently the most-watched comedy specials on Netflix, and have won numerous awards, including an Emmy and a Grammy. sticks and stones,said the speaker. “We support the artistic expression of our creators. We also encourage our employees not to agree publicly.”

Netflix refused to share viewing data for the closest.

As I mentioned for the first time before the edge, Trans Netflix employees plan to strike next Wednesday, October 20, after Sarandos sent a note to employees on October 8 that the company would not remove a special, in which Chappelle mocks gender identities and defends J.K. Rowling’s anti-transgender statements. , among other comments.

“Transiters are important. Transgender rights. As an organization, Netflix has consistently failed to demonstrate a deep interest in our mission of Entertainment the World by releasing content that is detrimental to the Trans community and consistently failing to create content that represents and promotes Trans content. We can and should do better!” an employee resource group leader wrote via Netflix in an internal message, according to the edge.

Earlier this week, three Netflix employees were suspended for attending an executive meeting to speak publicly against the Chappelle special. The trio, which included a Netflix engineer who was a convert, was later brought back after a violent audience reaction to Netflix’s response.

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