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How to sign the Royal condolence book or lay flowers for Queen Elizabeth II

How lengthy will the Royal household mourn?

Royal mourning might be noticed by members of the Royal household, royal family employees and representatives of the royal family on official duties, along with troops dedicated to ceremonial duties.

In a press release, Buckingham Palace stated: “Following the loss of life of Her Majesty the Queen, it’s His Majesty the King’s want {that a} interval of royal mourning be noticed from now till seven days after the Queen’s funeral.”

The funeral will happen at 11am on Monday, Sept 19, which might imply a 12-day interval of mourning.

Flags at royal residences had been at half-mast on Thursday and can stay half-masted till 8am on the morning after the ultimate day of royal mourning.

The palace stated the half-masting of flags at royal residences didn’t apply to the Royal Normal and the Royal Normal in Scotland when the King is in residence, as they’re at all times flown at full mast.


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