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How to watch NASA reveal the first stunning James Webb telescope images

A large golden eye flying across the solar about 1,000,000 miles from Earth will give people an unprecedented view of the universe.

The James Webb House Telescope, a strong $10 billion observatory run by NASA, the European House Company, and the Canadian House Company, has chilled all the way down to its optimum temperature. Engineers have completed calibrating its scientific devices. Now the telescope with a 21-foot-diameter mirror is open for enterprise.

Prepare for beautiful astronomical images and information, scientists say.


The Webb telescope simply took the deepest photograph of the universe ever

testing the James Webb Space Telescope's mirror

NASA will launch the primary full-color photographs and science information from the James Webb House Telescope on July 12, 2022.
Credit score: NASA/Chris Gunn

“We’re solely starting to know what Webb can and can do,” NASA administrator Invoice Nelson mentioned at a information briefing final week. “It could reply some questions that we’ve got: The place can we come from? What extra is on the market? Who’re we? And, in fact, it’ll reply some questions that we do not even know what the questions are.”

For the primary photograph drop, NASA is planning to disclose the photographs, one after the other, throughout a broadcast occasion at 10:30 am ET on July 12. You may watch this dwell occasion on NASA TV.

Then, you may ask the specialists your burning questions in regards to the new photos and science. Questions may be submitted on social media utilizing the hashtag #askNASA on Twitter or by leaving a remark within the chat part on Fb. Representatives of the Webb crew will reply a few of these cosmic queries throughout a NASA Science Stay program at 3 pm ET on July 13.

“It could reply some questions that we’ve got: The place can we come from? What extra is on the market? Who’re we?”

However if you wish to get straight all the way down to brass tacks, the photographs will likely be printed on this NASA webpage or this House Telescope Science Institute web page.

The large telescope is comprised of 18 hexagonal-shaped mirrors, which at the moment are completely aligned. Alignment check photos have already proven the unequalled sharpness and readability of the infrared telescope. However these upcoming photographs would be the first to offer full-color photographs and exhibit Webb’s superior scientific capabilities

NASA has saved a lot of the presentation a secret, however officers confirmed final week they’re going to present a photograph that’s the farthest people have ever seemed into deep house.

What’s extra, the house company will launch an atmospheric statement of a planet that isn’t on this photo voltaic system — what’s often called an exoplanet spectrum. The sunshine information from the spectrum supplies astronomers with detailed details about what molecules — like water, carbon dioxide, and methane — exist there. These findings might assist decide whether or not different planets may very well be hospitable to life.

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