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Microneedle tattoo technique could make tattooing painless and fast | Tattoos

Painless, cold tattoos have been created by scientists, who say the method may have medical and beauty purposes.

The method, which could be self-administered, makes use of microneedles to imprint a design into the pores and skin with out inflicting ache or bleeding. Preliminary purposes are more likely to be medical – however the group behind the innovation hopes that it may be utilized in tattoo parlors to supply a extra comfy choice.

“This could possibly be a manner not solely to make medical tattoos extra accessible, but additionally to create new alternatives for beauty tattoos due to the convenience of administration,” stated Prof Mark Prausnitz, who led the work on the Georgia Institute of Expertise. “Whereas some persons are prepared to simply accept the ache and time required for a tattoo, we thought others would possibly want a tattoo that’s merely pressed on to the pores and skin and doesn’t harm.”

Mark Prausnitz at Georgia Tech holds a microneedle patch.
Mark Prausnitz at Georgia Tech shows a microneedle patch. {Photograph}: Georgia Institute of Expertise

Prausnitz’s lab has been researching the usage of microneedles for administering vaccines and realized the work could possibly be utilized to tattoos.

Tattoos usually use giant needles to puncture the pores and skin between 50 and three,000 instances a minute to deposit ink beneath the floor, a time-consuming and painful course of. The Georgia Tech group has developed microneedles fabricated from tattoo ink encased in a dissolvable matrix. By arranging the microneedles in a particular sample, each acts like a pixel to create a tattoo picture in any form or sample, and a wide range of colours can be utilized.

Microneedle tattoo designs and their imprints of a medical-alert cross in a circle, and of a heart.
Microneedle tattoo designs of a medical alert (high left) and a coronary heart (high proper), with their imprints (beneath). {Photograph}: Tune Li, Georgia Institute of Expertise

In a medical setting, tattoos are generally used to cowl up scars, information repeated most cancers radiation therapies or restore nipples after breast surgical procedure. Tattoos can be used as an alternative of bracelets to speak critical medical situations corresponding to diabetes, epilepsy or allergy symptoms.

The examine confirmed the tattoos may final for not less than a yr and had been more likely to be everlasting, which additionally made them a viable beauty choice. Microneedles may alternatively be loaded with short-term tattoo ink.

“The aim is not to exchange all tattoos, which are sometimes works of magnificence created by tattoo artists,” Prausnitz stated. “Our aim is to create new alternatives for sufferers, pets, and individuals who need a painless tattoo that may be simply administered.”

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