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NASA Rover Delivers Most Detailed View of Mars Surface Ever

This story is a part of Welcome to Marsour collection exploring the purple planet.

NASA’s new Perseverance rover Mars panorama is a beast. An absolute unit. Completely bonkers. It is 2.5 billion pixels of rocks, sand, sky and rover components. On Wednesday, the area company delivered probably the most detailed view of the Martian floor ever captured. It is epic.

NASA additionally launched a video tour of the picture. Perseverance science operations workforce member Rachel Kronyak walks us by way of the sights at an historic river delta area within the Jezero Crater. The tour highlights sedimentary rocks, hills, cliffs, rover wheel tracks and pattern assortment websites.

The picture’s pixel rely eclipses a earlier one 1.8 billion-pixel panorama of the Gale Crater from the Curiosity rover in 2020. The brand new view consists of 1,118 particular person photos snapped by the rover’s Mastcam-Z, a digicam system mounted on the car’s “head.” The pictures have been captured between June 12 and 20.

NASA’s color-processed, full decision model of the picture weighs in at 3.85GB, however which means area followers can pore over each painstaking element. The video tour comes earlier than the company hosts a Thursday briefing masking highlights from Perseverance’s first 12 months and a half on Mars.

The delta is a crucial place for exploration due to its historical past of water. NASA hopes Perseverance will assist reply the query of whether or not Mars as soon as hosted microbial life. The rover is amassing samples on the delta that NASA intends to deliver again to Earth for examine. This gobsmacking panorama is kind of the memento postcard from Percy’s Martian journey.

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