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Newly Discovered Dinosaur Species Shares the T. Rex’s Tiny Arms, But Has ‘No Direct Relation’

Paleontologists have found a brand new large predatory dinosaur and it had teeny tiny itty bitty arms.

The Meraxes Gigas, found in northern Patagonia, Argentina, roamed the earth tens of millions of years earlier than Tyrannosaurus rex. However Juan Canale, the venture lead on the Ernesto Bachmann Paleontological Museum in Neuquén, Argentina, tells CNN that Meraxes has no direct relation to T. Rex.

Image credit: Carlos Papolio

Picture credit score: Carlos Papolio

After recovering an nearly full forelimb, paleontologists decided that Meraxes had a lot smaller arms in comparison with the scale of the remainder of its physique. Much like a really well-known predatory dinosaur everyone knows and love from motion pictures.

Regardless of the invention of many fossils, the specifics of the anatomy of Meraxes have eluded scientists for almost 30 years. The fossil the researchers just lately unearthed has revealed rather more concerning the carnivore, together with that it was 36 ft lengthy and weighed greater than 4 tons.

The predators belong to the Carcharodontosaurid, a bunch of dinosaurs that inhabited most continents in the course of the Early Cretaceous interval.

Whereas paleontologists proceed to review the brand new bones for deeper perception into the Meraxes, it has been given an acceptable title for now.

In accordance with the scientific journal Present Biology, Meraxes was named after a dragon in A Tune of Ice and Fireplace ridden by Queen Rhaenys Targaryen, who is about to seem within the upcoming collection Home of the Dragon.

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