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Observing the difference in structural dynamics of 1 nm single-molecules at room temperature for the first time

(Left) Illustration of remoted molecules trapped between gold and aluminum oxide layers utilizing a tip-enhanced nanoscopy. (Proper) Visualization of the vibration modes of a superb cresyl blue (BCB) molecule with completely different conformations. Credit score: POSTECH

Chemists’ long-held dream of observing the structural dynamics of a single molecule has now been made potential. Single molecules sized about 1 nanometer exist in a risky state below ambient situations. Contemplating that the coronavirus, which is about 100 nm in dimension, spreads quickly within the air exhibits how troublesome it’s to look at a single molecule. Just lately, a Korean analysis crew has found a dependable method to observe single molecules at room temperature by capping them with a skinny insulating layer, like a blanket.

The analysis crew led by Professor Kyoung-Duck Park and Ph.D. candidate Mingu Kang (Division of Physics) at POSTECH, in collaboration with Professor Yung Doug Suh (Division of Chemistry) at Ulsan Nationwide Institute of Science and Expertise (UNIST), has efficiently probed the conformation (association of the atoms in a molecule) of particular person molecules at room temperature for the primary time, offering a better have a look at the structural dynamics of a single molecule, which is the essential unit of all issues together with people.

In-depth evaluation utilizing Raman scattering alerts, generally known as the molecular “fingerprint,” is troublesome for molecules uncovered to air as a result of steady chemical reactions and molecular motions. Extraordinarily low temperature (under -200 °C) and vacuum situations have been broadly used for the single-molecule research to forestall the aforementioned points, but the configurations have many limitations by way of technical difficulties and environmental situations.

To beat this, the analysis crew positioned a single molecule on a substrate coated with a skinny movie of gold and coated it with a really skinny layer of aluminum oxide (Al2O3). The molecule trapped between the gold and aluminum oxide layers is remoted from its environment, which ends up in suppressed chemical reactions and molecular motions.

The immobilized molecule is then noticed by means of the ultrasensitive tip-enhanced nanoscopy developed by the analysis crew. Utilizing the tactic permits for the exact detection of weak optical alerts of a single molecule, owing to the optical antenna impact of the sharp metallic tip. By way of this, the decision restrict of a common optical microscopy (roughly 500 nm) was overcome to obviously distinguish the conformational heterogeneity of 1 nm-sized single-molecules and confirm whether or not they’re standing vertically or laying horizontally.

Mingu Kang of POSTECH says that “whereas the James Webb House Telescope can observe the farthest level of the observable universe to disclose the universe’s origin, our nanoscopy for single-molecules observes the smallest unit to disclose the origin of life.”

The work can reveal the molecular conformation of proteins and DNA with a nanometer-level decision, which ends up in the identification of the reason for incurable ailments and the event of therapies for such situations. Moreover, overlaying a pattern with a skinny layer may be simply utilized at room temperature and even greater temperatures for single-molecule research and their purposes.

The examine was not too long ago revealed in Nature Communications.

Making and breaking of chemical bonds in single ‘nanoconfined’ molecules

Extra info:
Mingu Kang et al, Conformational heterogeneity of molecules physisorbed on a gold floor at room temperature, Nature Communications (2022). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-31576-x

Supplied by Pohang College of Science & Expertise (POSTECH)

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