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Scientists have begun major search for universal ‘dark matter’ in mile-deep abandoned gold mine

Scientists introduced this week the launch of experiments within the deepest laboratory in the US, investigations which specialists hope will reveal solutions to a few of the most elementary mysteries within the universe.

The analysis services on the Sanford Underground Analysis Facility are hoped partially to disclose the properties of what is generally known as “darkish matter,” a substance scientists can not see however which equations point out type an enormous majority of the full matter within the universe.

The ability is situated a mile underground within the former Homestake Gold Mine in Lead, South Dakota. The depth of the power was mandatory with the intention to filter out electromagnetic background disturbance from the solar and different cosmic elements.

Authorities stated on Thursday that the power has truly been operating experiments for 2 months to this point, though at this level the machine has discovered no proof but of the elusive darkish matter.

Researchers stated the venture will doubtless take a substantial period of time, however that they’re assured of final success.

“You do not go into uncommon search physics with out some hope of discovering one thing,” Kevin Lesko, a physicist at Lawrence Berkeley Nationwide Laboratory, informed the media this week.

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