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Star Trek-acteur William Shatner (90) de ruimte in, ‘vooral pr-offensief van Bezos’

In space, but too short

Space begins at an altitude of 100 kilometers above the Earth, at the so-called Karman Line. Blue Origin’s spaceflight passengers hardly get past that. These flights are also called sub-orbital flights, and therefore the passengers are officially considered space travelers. During the flight of just over ten minutes, the astronauts experience weightlessness for about three minutes and can see very well the bulge of the Earth.

For people who are less wealthy or less well known, there is no way to go into space right now. But to see the curvature of the Earth, consumers don’t need to book a space flight. Clumbi: “You just have to look out your window when you’re flying. Only then is it, of course, less clear than in such a spaceflight.”

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