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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre achievements ask you to play 1,973 matches

Title Description Gamerscore Purge Utilizing the Ache is Nothing skill purge [x] poison results fifteenth Completely Texas Attain Participant Stage [x] 50 Texas By way of and By way of Attain stage [x] with all characters 100 Perking Up Begin a match with a totally levelled up skill and three stage 3 perks outfitted fifteenth Welcome to the Household Execute your first sufferer 10 Serial Killer Execute [x] victims in complete 50 Mine all Mine Execute all 4 victims in a single match 20 He was the best ever. Feed Grandpa [x] instances in complete fifteenth First Blood Execute the primary sufferer in a match 10 Get Out There Drag out [x] victims from inside hiding objects 10 So Shut… Kill a sufferer inside [x] metres of an exit in any stage 10 Final Sufferer Standing Because the final sufferer standing, Survive for [x] minutes and escape in a single match 50 The Fortunate One? Escape [100] instances 50 Shhhhhh As a sufferer escape a stage with out making any noise. 10 Carry it on Win [x] shut encounters as a sufferer in complete 10 Git again right here Win [x] shut encounters as relations in complete 10 Preventing Again Efficiently carry out [x] sneak assaults towards relations in complete 10 Workforce Participant Heal [x] teammates in complete 10 Now it is my flip Sneak assault all relations in a single match 20 Be like Sally Escape down the driveway after leaping out of the household home entrance window 10 Absolutely Centered use the main focus skill to immediately unlock [x] doorways in complete fifteenth Protected and Safe Add further locks to [x] doorways in complete fifteenth I hear you Efficiently spot [x] victims in complete 10 I acquired one! Catch a complete of [x] victims in traps fifteenth I am comin’ for ya As Hitchhiker use one sidle, bolthole and ladder in a single match 10 Cannot Conceal from me Analyze [x] sufferer footprints in complete fifteenth Cannot hold me out Efficiently barge open a complete of [x] latched doorways 10 Undetectable Use the Final Escape skill to scale back harm [x] instances fifteenth Canine will Hunt As Leatherface destroy [x] objects together with your chainsaw (blocker, bolthole, door) 10 Hung up on you Execute [x] victims in complete on gallows as Leatherface fifteenth Our Hero Shoulder barge and stun [x] relations fifteenth Do not Contact Poison [x] sufferer pickups (instruments, shards, healthitems) fifteenth Powder Burns Confuse two or extra victims concurrently 10 All Realizing Monitor all relations in a single match fifteenth You spelled incorrect As a member of the family kill a sufferer in below [30] seconds from the beginning of a match 20 Makin’ Grandpa Proud Obtain an ideal household win (killing all victims) on every map 50 Escape Artists Obtain an ideal sufferer win (all victims escape) on every map 50 Leaving Dwelling Escape utilizing every exit on the Household Home stage 10 Outta Gasoline Escape utilizing every exit on the Gasoline Station stage 10 Off to Market Escape utilizing every exit on the Slaughterhouse stage 10 The Noticed is Household Attain household bond to most and hold it there for the entire match 10 Fixer Throughout a single match cease the generator, repair the fusebox and open the stress valve. 50 Nowhere left to cover As a sufferer disguise in a freezer, locker, wardrobe, trunk and automotive trunk. 10 Doing Effectively Soar down a nicely [x] instances in complete 10 Respec Respec a personality’s unlock tree after reaching most stage 10 Working, Leaping, Climbing Timber Spent first factors within the unlock tree 10 Behind the scenes Get your first unlockable 10 Executioner Use all household executions in public matches 10 Tread Softly Keep away from being detected by Grandpa for a complete match 50 What might be left of you? Play 1973 public matches 10

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